by Expire

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released July 22, 2009

Carl Schissler - Music, Songwriting, Production, Artwork
Thomas Price - Additional Guitar/Bass Songwriting
Greg Taylor - Additional Keyboard Songwriting
Rachel Quinto - Consulting, Quality Control
Gordon Schissler - Additional Artwork




Expire Carrboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: Inspire
release internal light
been seven days inside
nurture external blight
and wall it in

contain the universe
a pinprick on my side
to grow the seedling first
and walk alive

disturb the vacuum peace
to trod among the leaves
this race will never cease
and talk begins

a sound of nearing death
the lungs can give no more
approaches on their breath at last
spur on, life will spawn
and this will be the cause
define the innate laws
to make the earth of stone
within a place to roam
be our home
dream of the coming storm
precipitate reborn
hung over from the last
cycle of the past

and the fusion begins, bright star of the void
eternal furnace of the proton one
birth the spatial sea of the extension
fill the trench of this place the race has begun
Track Name: Progeny
mark your stars, pinpricks of light
reach this way and set yourself free to die

make a weakling form in my eyes
the seventh day, a progenic paradigm
the sacred source of my pride
the child stops short of all I had inside

you still have fins
crawling from the sea of my sin
despite the spawn
all upon the scars of your dawn

start conceived. time will come, slain by the end
stillborn dream I had
to hang, climb the chain, life in suspense
realize eternal visions right before my eyes

take a single breath on your own
the second coughs from the sight of all I know
the sinking sons seem alive
somatic twin, newborn life will surely die

you still have fins
crawling from the sea of my sin
despite the spawn
all upon the scars of your dawn

you'll see, oh will you see when every newborn nature comes of age
new seed, do a good deed, children drowning in the sea again
using, oh you're losing all the life you ever gained from me
truly, when will you see? when you raise yourself, you will fall away
Track Name: Aeons
you wait for me to walk the line
to see us close our eyes
too many lives are left behind
tar brings closure nigh

new son, pace your reckless run
speed up, the race will soon be won

drain your life down, hourglass inverted
turn to war, to peace, eternal cannon shot
put your mind, confined, present moment prison
free the past, dispatch nostalgic memory

face on the wall
break downward fall
time soon will crawl
death's windward call

bow to the void, divine, feel the pain of defeat
rise, again, afloat, eddies of potency
burn the source to ash, fusion of space and time
out of your mind, absorb temporal education

you wait for me to walk the line
to see us close our eyes
the solar bodies cold and blind
sons will fade in time

and we wonder what's next
six billion stars survive the marne
and we wonder what's next

displacing colors into patterns
oh, how I see
making rainbows of vitalic origami
and I wonder what's next

pulsating cardiac cacophony of our lives
making silence
auditory valium prescribed
and I wonder what's next

drowning in this sea of countless new events
oh, how I choke
let the waters rape the girl within
and I wonder what's next
Track Name: Expire
as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will run, end aware
between the legs of hope and breed despair
come undone, disrobe the virgin populace as one
wheels revolve, crush the fallen skulls as we evolve

tear the wings, butterfly kisses of loss death will bring
never fly, heart of stone becomes the will to die

you will see how the bodies fall
stagger on, eclipse parch my soul
silenced drum of the march of life
lightless hole will lead me onwards down

lay down your lives
rapture deprived
down under ground
death will be found

trickle down the slope of life and
recognize how the spark is silenced

and I sleep in the creases of the robes of the angel of death
doom inclined, disfunction of spirit withhold the peace of the divine
feel the dark, illuminate organic shadows with absence of light
enter pain, exit the contrived existence of flesh and the vein

and you will see how the end begins
dream of the growing blight on your barren crop tonight
drinking from the river styx as we burn away
softly sift the ash and our bone will remain